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Want to travel the exciting and hidden special places in Korea with us?

Storyplanner recommend you below 3 major tourists cities in KOREA to you!

We offers the unique and trendy Korea's tour spot! Can't wait to meet and have all of you guys in Korea.

GANGWON Forestry Exhibition


The Gangwon Forestry Exhibition will show the future of forestry and serve as a forum where participants can share their successful experiences with reforestation, forest restoration, and forest fire prevention.


"Wellbeing and Fitness"

Wellness is a new trend of travel in Korea. Enjoy this beautiful peninsula with healthy body and mind. 

EG Bus to Gyeonggi

Eg Bus is a Tour bus service heading to Gyeong-gi Province for foreigners.

As a foreighner, gyeonggi province trip can be challenging sometime, due to lack of information and complicated bus/suubway lines! So for foreigner's easy access to gyeonggi, EG bus has been made.

Local Celebrity Tour

Join us on tours where you'll meet local celebrities who have a long time of expertise within their specific area. 

Along with the local celebrities and activities

 you will be visiting wonderful, scenic places who each have their own charm.


Cheorwon, located just along the border to North Korea, is unknown to many despite its beauty and important history. 

Along with DMZ Art House's exhibitions of artists working in Cheorwon, 

you'll be able to experience history and art as one.

Welcome Daehakro

Any Fan of korean musical?!?

WELCOME DAEHAKRO is a festival that takes place in Daehakro, featuring various genres of Korean performances including nonverbal performances, traditional performances, musicals, plays, and more.

Local Festivals

Each region of South Korea has its own unique identity. This is because they have different traditions, specialties, and natural environments.

And all of them has a different charm. 

We can bring you to every part of korea to enjoy local festivals! 

From traditional festival like Danoje to casual festivals like beer festival!


Whose your bias?!

For fans willing to spend their time for their stars, this tour is for you!

In part of our K-POP concert tour, We combine a local tour and concert ticket!

So you can enjoy that area and enjoy the concert at the evening :)


This is PLUS PLANNER Style DMZ trip.

Our DMZ is not a strict mood DMZ trip.

We prefer more casual and non scary DMZ trip.

So foreigners can be less afraid about DMZ and accept this as part of our contry.

Trekking in Korea

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Mountain is one of the common things in korea, that are actually hard to find in other countries. Almost 6o% of korea peninsula is mountain.

So anyone ready to discover all those mountains with us?