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Storyplanner recommend you below 3 major tourists cities in KOREA to you!

All sites offers the unique and trendy Korea's tour spot! Can't wait to meet and have all of you guys in KOREA!                              - Annie Choi 

Gangwondo where has Korea's 4 seasons beauty!

Seorak Mt. BTS bus stop on the east sea coast, the most beautiful Winter festival sites as well as Cherry blossom, Hot summer beers festival, Maple leaves in Fall, and K-Drama sites in Winter!! Now you will imagine how Gangwondo is beautiful.  

Gyeonggido Daycation Tour - The most beautiful city in the suburb near Seoul

Gyeonggi-do is the suburb cities and surrounded Seoul.

Mountain, Ocean, Valley, Lake, and beautiful nature Park are all in 1-2hours traveling time. Any day, any weather - we can go to Gyeonggido for daycation!

Family trips, Couple trips, and School trips all can plan an easy way with various options.

Gyeongsanbuk-do the city where we admire visit the most in Korea!

The beauty of history and culture! Gyeongsangbuk-do contains all of the beauty of history and Korean culture.

Palace and Traditional Korean house village, the world UNSCO Heritage sites are located in Gyeongsanbuk-do.

The world class - Kpop star : BTS foot print tour sites are also located in Gyeongsangbuk-do.