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With 437 km total of beautiful trekking, the Jeju Olle Trail (Ollegil 올레길)
is definetly something to try out for a memorable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Route 17 Gwangnyeong - Old Downtown of Jeju-si Olle
Total Distance: 18.1Km, Total Time: 6-7h, Difficulty: Medium

Follow the forest path along the Musu-cheon(stream) to where the stream meets the ocean and past it is the city center of Jeju where the airport is. Finally, you arrive at Weoldae of Oedo that does not look like anywhere near downtown and the Aljakji Coast of Naedo. Stroll the green barley pathway and through the Iho Tewoo Beach. The footsteps take you to Dodu-bong(peak), supposedly the head part of Jeju. Yongduam and Yongyeon Bridge are also exciting landmarks, off the monotonous coastal road. The road passing Mugeun-seong, Mokgwanaji, and the city is where you can feel not only the past but also the present.

Route Tip

You get to choose from many restaurants located between Aljakji(pebbles) Coast and Dodu-hang(port). 
There are good restaurants on Yongduam Coastal Road as well.

Route 18 Old Downton of Jeju-si - Jocheon Olle
Total Distance: 19.7Km, Total Time: 6-7h, Difficulty: Medium

Route 18 begins at the Ganse Lounge which is located in the center of old downtown, Jeju-si. Passing Jeju-hang(harbor) offers a picturesque view of the sea and both Sara-bong(peak) and Byeoldo-bong(peak). From Goneul-dong village site which was completely burnt down during the April 3 massacre, the route continues to Sinchon following the path used by people going to Sinchon for food after traditional ancestral memorial services. You can also have breathtaking coastal scenery follows Sibi-koji(cape) to Dakmoru which is the highlight of route 18.

닭머르(닭모루) Dakmoru

Route Tip

There are restaurants near Samyang Beach. If you started hiking early, try eating near Dakmoru or Sinchon-pogu(port).

Route 19 Jocheon - Gimnyeong Olle
Total Distance: 19.4Km, Total Time: 6-7h, Difficulty: Medium

The ocean, oreum, gotjawal, village, and field. This beautiful scenery continues on and on. From the field to the beautiful beach, from the beautiful beach to the pine-scented forest, and from the forest to the firendly village. The real Jeju lies in every way. You could see the woeful history of the modern Jeju at Jocheon Manse Dongsan(Mound) and Neobeunsoongee April 3 Memorial Hall, the anti-Japanese movement site in Bukchon-ri which is the location severely damaged during the 4.3 Movement respectively.

해동포구 Haedongpgu (port)

Route Tip

Because Hamdeok Beach is crowded tourist hotspot, the area has lots of restaurants. 
There are restaurants near Bukchon Deungmyeong-dae(rock) as well.

Route 20 Gimnyeong-Hado Olle
Total Distance: 17.6Km, Total Time: 5-6h, Difficulty: Medium

It is coastal trail embracing the elegance of Jeju's Northeast ocean. The route continues from Gimnyeong Seo-pogu(port) to coastal lines and beaches in Gimnyeong, Woljeong, and Sehwa while enjoying the emerald blue ocean of Northeast Jeju and hear the wave. With beautiful water color and even water level, the beaches are just right for swimming. Culture of Jeju's Haenyeo are embedded on the route. If you're lucky, you may be able to spot Haenyeos catching fish.

김녕성세기해변 Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach

Route Tip

There are restaurants near Gimnyeong beach and along Woljeong-ri Coastal Road. If you started hiking early enough, we recommend having lunch at The Sehwa Five-day Market (every 5th, 10th, 15th, etc.) or near Sehwa Beach.